What is Supergut?

Supergut is the only gut-healthy superfood clinically proven to curb cravings, boost gut health, and manage blood sugar.
We’re not just focused on great taste; our mission is to nourish the trillions of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your gut by using our prebiotic fiber blend made with all-natural prebiotic fiber. Supergut synergizes with your body to boost appetite control and blood sugar regulator GLP-1 hormones.

Unlike other food brands, we’ve gone the extra mile to validate the effectiveness of our products by conducting a gold-standard clinical study. When you choose Supergut, you’re choosing science-baked nutrition that truly benefits your health.

Our product lineup includes nutritional shakes, snack bars, and an unflavored prebiotic fiber mix. Proudly, NON-GMO, free from artificial ingredients, keto-friendly, NO-SOY- Plant-based options.

Feb 26, 2024

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